It’s all silent on this magical night!

It’s all silent on this magical night

We are alone with our dreams and hopes.
A breeze seems to want to caress us, it’s a ‘ciorta (fortune), the luck that wants to accompany us.

Everything is silent: how many stars in this sky!

We use Midnight as time to free the mind in order to recover energy and face the challenges that nature poses to us.

We live following the rhythm of the sun and thanks to dreams and passion we overcome fatigue by searching through the “cornicelli”, Neapolitan red horn-shaped talisman*, an ancestral ally who protects us with a pinch of luck.

Mezanotte WINES

Naples represents a unique context in the European wine scene. The city, in fact, despite intense urbanization, especially in its peripheral areas, is the second city with the most vineyards in Europe. This has given rise to a profound relationship between earth and man, unprecedented for its contemporaneity, which we have extended to the whole region, selecting the best denominations-appellation.

#CUOREDINAPOLI is a sign that expresses a sense of belonging to the territory and the city, contributing to fuel a generative artistic flow.

Sharing values and enhancing the territory are essential elements on which the bond between #CUOREDINAPOLI & MEZANOTTE is based.

To go far, we go together.